Men’s health week: 6 tips from the sidekick guys


thursday 18th june. lockdown day one million. men’s health week day four

lets face it, the world is a pretty strange place right now. we’ve got people in a seemingly endless lockdown, restaurants barred shut, only opening to gingerly pass a takeaway through the door and a beer-named global pandemic on our hands

none of this is ‘normal’. and we shouldn’t expect to feel ‘normal’. I know we certainly don’t

today, on men’s health week day four, we’re turning to the men of sidekick, to shed some light on how lockdown has been for them. they’ll be letting us in on how they’ve coped and sharing a few cheeky tips to help you through this time

have a read and let us know how you’re coping. if you’re feeling really generous, feel free to share a tip or two yourself!

1. take that long walk in nature

“I’ve found that getting outside has really helped me, and i’ve discovered a whole bunch of great outdoor spaces near me that I never knew existed! I just really hope I can carry on with these walks in some way when I have to return to normality”

michael, sidekick co-creator and podcast extraordinaire 

2. get talking, get sharing

“talking is key. finding that community whether it is friends, family or online is a great foundation to build on and to go to when things get difficult”

connor, sidekick co-creator and slq pro


3. be grateful, reframe those thoughts

“although it’s stressful looking after a two-year-old I feel incredibly lucky to be able to have this time to spend with her, so I try to make sure I make the most of our time together. these times can be both a boost and a hindrance to my mental health!”

james, sidekick co-creator and developer whizz 

4. don't be afraid to ask for help

“a turning point in my mental health was accepting what was happening and ask for help. the weight off my shoulders just from telling a professional was incredible. it was the starting point for creating a game plan and making positive changes”

charlie, sidekick co-creator and gardening star

5. whip out those creative talents

“something that has really helped me is reconnecting with my music. I’m a ‘singer-songwriter’ who hasn’t written a song in well over two years (how embarrassing) so I’m getting back to songwriting and loving it. working on yourself is a slow process but you have to take the time to learn and improve. be kind to yourself“

joe, sidekick co-creator and soon-to-be sell out artist

6. set yourself some goals

“running has worked wonders for my mental and physical wellbeing. during this time I have been running most days, I ran a half marathon for the first time and now have my sights set on a marathon. having something to focus on really gives me purpose”

tom, sidekick co-creator and running enthusiast

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